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Intelligent industrial lighting
Our team developed a software-hardware package for wireless control of industrial lighting. The hardware part consists of three devices: a controller, a multi-sensor, and a coordinator.
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Wireless lighting control
Smart Industrial Light
The wireless Control-R module is integrated into the lighting fixture
The wireless LED lamps produce the maximal effect in saving electricity
and expand the lighting control possibilities.
The controllers and multi-sensors can operate as part of the intelligent lighting control system, adjusting it to predetermined luminance requirements in a certain area. The defined requirements are maintained automatically, as the adjustment of the lights' brightness is performed depending on simultaneous analysis and evaluation of two parameters: motion intensity and luminance level. This ultimately makes it possible to achieve the optimal illumination for personnel's comfortable operation, conforming to all luminance regulations and standards, as well as for maximal economic effect on electricity saving and illuminating non-functional areas.
Smart Industrial Lighting
A promo video on the operation of the Control-R software-hardware package for smart lighting
Functional capabilities of smart controllers
Learn about the capabilities of our controllers with the integrated Control-R wireless module
This video demonstrates the controller's advantages and its installation in real life
This video explains the operation of the controller with integrated wireless Control-R module for smart lighting

The wireless software-hardware package allows you to adjust the power consumption to your needs. You will be able to save up to 85% in energy consumption, thanks to the combination of software functions and hardware interaction within the entire complex.
The program monitors the activity of the personnel in real time and automatically adjusts the lights' brightness to the external conditions. Power metering and lighting control is carried out using an adaptive algorithm with the help of multi-sensors and controllers.
The system has a number of undeniable advantages:
- data is transmitted via our proprietary encrypted wireless channel;
- the system does not use clouds, for safety reasons;
- the owner's data is always reliably protected, as the system operates in a closed scalable network, while the processed data is stored on a local server accessible only by its owner;
- remote control is carried out via the Internet using an encrypted protocol, directly through the owner's local server installed inside the coordinator;
- all devices operate in plug & play mode;
- the user-friendly graphical interface ensures a comfortable work process for the user.

Methods of saving on electric lighting
The software-hardware complex lets you implement the most popular methods of energy saving

Smart industrial LED lamp with
integrated wireless controller
Advantages compared to a
regular industrial LED lamp
The lamp and the wireless controller are both covered with a 5-year warranty. The basic software is offered
with a free lifetime license.
You get additional savings on electricity of up to 85%, as well as up to 90% on installation works.
Now you know exactly how much electricity each lamp consumes and can pinpoint its location in case of failure.
Now you can manage all lights remotely, group individual lamps together, control the luminance, and create any work schedules.
The created wireless network for lighting control can operate using the MESH or STAR topology, without cellular networks or the Internet.
The system operates on the frequency 868,8 MHz, does not require licensing, and uses our proprietary encrypted data exchange protocol.

example of energy efficiency calculation
Combined savings on electricity from using
the Control-R technology can reach 89%

learn about the areas where the Control-R wireless module can be used
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