We create digital solutions for wireless monitoring of measurable parameters and for controlling electric equipment
We help people to live comfortably, save money, and keep everything under control from anywhere in the world, without depending
on the Internet, cellular networks, LoraWan, ZigBee, NBiOT,
or any other protocol
The wireless network can cover the distance of up to 500 meters indoors and up to 10 kilometers in open space.
Our technology saves time and electricity, as well as boosts the cost-effectiveness of your business.
While at home, it brings your comfort and safety to a new level.
CONTROL-R is a technological application built on our own wireless module and the proprietary protocol, for use in various areas of business that require remote command transmission, data collection, and electric equipment control
The wireless module is integrated in the controller developed by our team and can manage industrial and street lighting from a distance
This kind of solution makes it possible to not just create smart lighting systems, but also remotely control virtually any electric equipment
Smart industrial and street lighting fixtures are manufactured by our partners with our controllers already built-in
This kind of cooperation substantially reduces the time required to install the smart lighting systems at the customer's site, saves up to 90% on electric power, and increases the cost-effectiveness of the business.
At the same time, our light manufacturing partners raise the attractiveness of their products.
The software employs a user-friendly comfortable graphical interface
This solution allows to build smart lighting systems, as well as remotely control virtually any electric equipment
The Control-R wireless module can be used in various areas of business
We conduct research and development in such areas as smart power, smart home, remote monitoring of changes in physical parameters of industrial machines, controlling the pollution levels of natural surfaces, etc.
Participation in our projects is open to everyone.
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