Description of Control-R basic technology
Control-R is a software-hardware package and a universal wireless intelligent control system for electric equipment, lighting, and any other electric device in a building or facility, on city streets, open-air territories, alleys, parking lots, passenger railway platforms, automobile roads, and highways. It also serves for controlling intelligent systems operating via the wireless channel using a compatible transport protocol, with the purpose of monitoring the environment, saving electricity, and providing security.
Controlling and setting up the wireless modules of the package's electronic equipment and the programming units can be carried out remotely via the wireless channel on the frequency 860-960 MHz, using our unique proprietary wireless protocol (RFPP) that ensures stable data and command routing between the devices and electric equipment. The communication with the application is guaranteed by the reliable MQTT transport network.
Thanks to the proprietary wireless protocol (RFPP), the data transmission speed can reach 250 kbits per second, while the data can be transmitted as far as 500 meters indoors and up to 10 km in open space. The network can support up to 1000 IoT devices simultaneously.

Control-R RF module
The RF module operates on the freeuqncy 860-960 MHz, the signal propagates as far as several kilometers. Can be intergrated into any IoT device.
What wireless network topology is being used?
Control-R employs dual data exchange protocol architecture
The universal Control-R wireless protocol architecture is capable of operating with both mesh and star technologies.
The unique proprietary radio-frequency protocol (RFPP) that provides data and command routing between the devices and electric equipment uses the "Active star" wireless network topology,
where the server (coordinator, router) is located at the center, receives and sends data packets to end devices (wireless modules) - either to all simultaneously, or individually, with or without regard to priority. In addition, the wireless protocol that provides data and command routing between the devices and electric equipment can use the "MESH" network topology, where the server (coordinator) performs all networking and setup operations, while data packets are being transmitted directly between the destination controllers and electric devices on the "each with each" principle, at the same time performing the function of the router and providing a wide variety of traffic routing options to the server (coordinator).

Is it true that Control-R provides wireless control
without Internet access?
The technology of the wireless network is organized in such a way that
the Internet could be used only as an accessory, if needed

Fig. 4 demonstrates an example of Control-R wireless network organization using the "star" topology that requires remote access to the coordinator via the Internet, while a "cloud" (remote server) is used merely as a backup.
This kind of approach ensures high reliability and security of operations.
In the presence of powerful stations using our technology, there could be no need for Internet connection whatsoever

Example of a software-hardware package for intelligent control of industrial lighting. The SHP consists of the following basic devices: controller; multi-sensor; coordinator (server). Each of the devices features an integrated Control-R wireless module. See more information on smart lighting.

Reasons for choosing our technology
The main advantages of Control-R technology
  • 1
    of the Control-R wireless protocol from third-party providers' wireless technologies, such as the Internet, GSM/CDMA, LoRaWan, ZigBee, NBiOT, etc.
  • 2
    Unique software architecture - MESH, STAR
    Operating at the frequency range 868-960 MHz; adjustable transmission rate up to 250 kbits/sec; wireless network coverage up to 10 kilometer radius.
  • 3
    Simplicity of wireless protocol implementation
    Creating devices ranging from portable electronics to hardware monitoring systems such as "smart city", "smart warehouse", etc.; working on B2B and B2C markets.
  • 4
    Saving time and money
    The server software algorithms make it easy to create smart scripts for control and monitoring.
  • 5
    Integration with SCADA
    Easy merge with the ecosystem for monitoring businesses and management companies.
  • 6
    The closed proprietary wireless protocol and network organization securely protect the transmitted data.
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